3 Trends in Marketing Technology

As we head into the new year, how can you incorporate more technology into your marketing plan?

Source: ra2studio / iStock / Getty

Attempting to market your products or services without utilizing technology is clearly a mistake. But with all of the new technologies available to marketers, it can be hard to see through the noise and hype to determine what will be most beneficial to your business. There are a few marketing technology trends with staying power that you should probably consider implementing in 2019 if you haven’t already. By being on the cutting-edge of marketing technology trends, you’ll be able to stand out from the crowd and have a big impact on your company’s sales. Here are three trends in marketing technology that are going to be big players in the new year.

  1. Automation within your Client Relationship Manager (CRM). If you’re still responding to each individual inquiry, it may be time to consider a new strategy. By using forms and automation, you’re not lowering the “personal” feel of your business; you’re simply opening up your time to be able to spend more of it with customers who have funneled through a nurture sequence and are more likely to buy. One small way to embrace marketing technology in the new year is to set up automatic systems within your CRM, whether it’s automated invoices being sent or auto-replies to e-mail inquiries. As the old saying goes, time is money. Automation will help you save more of both.
  2. Utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) within your customer service experience. If you haven’t considered implementing a chatbot on your website, there’s no better time to do so. Having chatbots interact with users on your page and through Facebook Messenger can help take customers from perusing to buying without having to pay an employee to spend valuable time with them on the phone. AI machines and chatbot services can guide customers through sales and answer some of your most frequently asked, yet basic, questions.
  3. Low-level analytics. Keeping an eye on your numbers is clearly a key to success, but as we turn into the new year, make sure you’re focusing on some of your more “nitty gritty” numbers in addition to high-level things like Web traffic. If your focus is on growing your social media followings, try and analyze when posts get the most interaction. If you’re more interested in seeing how many people purchase from your sales page, turn an analytical eye to which pages on your website are the last pages people visit before clicking away. Paying close attention to these smaller analytics can make a big difference in your bottom line.