3 Tips to Hiring the Best Marketing Admins

A savvy admin can be the most valuable member of your team. Here’s how to hire and set up the role for success.

Source: fizkes / iStock / Getty

Marketing teams are busy, and there are a lot of details to track. Adding administrative capacity can help your staff do more and help your department be more effective overall. If you’re thinking about hiring an administrator for your marketing office, here are some ways to create the role for maximum impact and help set your new hire up for success.

Focus the Job

One way to ensure that an admin role fails is to make it the “drop-off point” for every task or process that no one else wants to handle. All too often, you’ll see a job that’s made up of disparate pieces that don’t fit together into a cohesive role. Instead, look at the administrative role in the same way you would any other position. What’s the core focus? For example, the role might own scheduling and document management across the organization. This position can touch a number of different organizational inefficiencies, but ensures that at the end of the day there’s a scope of responsibility one person can manage.

Is the Workload Reasonable?

Recently, a marketing director commented that his administrator wasn’t being efficient. He pinpointed two processes that weren’t getting done. On closer inspection, the colleague who did the jobs before had four full hours and one full work day allocated in her schedule for those processes. When I asked the director what he’d done to allocate for the extra work in his assistant’s schedule, it turns out that he hadn’t. This position was billed as a 35-hour per week salaried role, and the woman in the job routinely worked 45 hours. Moving the workload to the admin didn’t gain capacity for the team, because there was no more give in her schedule.

Deepen Their Domain Knowledge

Successful admins understand process and organization; but understanding the unique needs of your department can help make them more successful. Deepen their domain knowledge and help them get more done. By ensuring that your administrator understands your goals, core processes, and key focus areas, it’s possible to help them be more successful.

By taking these steps and avoiding the most common pitfalls of hiring an admin, you’ll be well on your way to getting more done and eliminating the common challenges departmental admins face.