3 Hacks to Batching Social Media for the Holidays

As we turn the corner into the holiday season, it’s important to be on your social media A game.

Source: Nelosa / iStock / Getty

It may barely be October, but every marketer knows the importance of the holiday season. No matter what you sell, the holidays are likely an incredibly busy time for your business. Whether you’re selling physical products as gifts or services that will help clients start the new year off right, the holiday season is a time when most companies see their bottom line skyrocket.

The problem is, the holidays are also a time for family. That means many of your employees may be taking vacations and be distracted by family and friends—and they won’t want to spend every second of their day with their nose in a phone. How can you batch your company’s social media in order to get the most out of the holidays and promote your wares in an effective way?

Schedule, Schedule, Schedule

First and foremost, scheduling your posts in advance can be the simplest way to get a lot done with little effort. It’s been proven that people lose a lot of time when switching from task to task, but by batching your social media work in advance, you’ll be able to plan out posts without losing that time. Programs like Hootsuite allow you to schedule social media posts in advance for free.  

Let Customers Know

You’d be surprised at how understanding customers can be if you explain that during the holidays, your team may be checking social a bit less. They, too, understand the importance of rest and relationships during the holiday season. So, creating a post that says you’re going to go radio silent on social over Christmas Eve and Christmas will likely be received well.

Hire Seasonal Customer Service Workers

Lastly, consider hiring seasonal workers to give your business a boost during Q4. By having extra help on the customer service side of things, you’ll be able to free up your marketing team so they can focus all of their efforts on social media creation and promotion. They can forward along tweets or Facebook messages asking for help and spend their time and energy creating higher-impact content. Furthermore, people seeking seasonal work during the holidays will not likely need vacations and extra time off in November or December, meaning they will be dependable when your regular employees take paid time off. Even outsourcing certain aspects of your business to a freelancer during this busy time can be helpful.