3 Copywriters You Should Be Following on Instagram

Give your sales copy a boost by following these accounts for inspiration.

Source: Anastasia_Prish / iStock Editorial / Getty

Looking to up-level your sales copy? In addition to following companies with stellar sales copy, consider following a few professional copywriters.

Most marketers know how to write. It’s a basic skill needed for sales. But copywriting can be another beast all together. There’s simply so much writing involved in marketing, from sales e-mails to product descriptions to social media copy to webinar scripts, that the thought of managing it all seems impossible. It’s easy to forget copywriting basics, and sometimes marketers feel the need to tweak things or shake things up without wanting to outsource their writing.

There are quite a few copywriters on Instagram that consistently share knowledge and insight. These three writers are always dropping informational tidbits into their feeds and inspiring marketers to write with clarity and confidence.

Ami Williamson


Ami is an Australian copywriter and a self-described “evil genius”. She specializes in e-commerce brands and her in-your-face truth nuggets will wake up any bored copywriter. You know those stuffy business books with a stock photo as the cover and reminders like “the customer is always right”? That’s not what you get here. She uses real facts—like the statistic that says 69.57% of online carts get abandoned—and breaks down why the customer’s mind operates the way it does in order to help you write copy that converts. Bonus—she’s hilarious.

Kayla Dean


Kayla focuses on creative entrepreneurs, and women in particular, giving her a unique niche in the copywriting industry. She offers easy-to-understand tips on cultivating your brand voice and focusing in your messaging. Her tips are short, easy to implement, and perfect for marketers who are looking to tweak their website copy to snag more sales. She also shares a lot of her client work, so if you’re looking to get a taste of her tips in action, you’ll be able to get a full picture.

Ashlyn Carter


Ashlyn is a copywriter that writes launch copy for several large-name entrepreneurs, like Amy Porterfield. If you’re planning on launching a new product or service, you’ll want to follow along for her launch copy tips, like how to write headlines that convert, how to provide solid value in your e-mails, and how to use your voice instead of trying to sound like the masses. Ashlyn has also written for major brands like Delta Airlines and Chick-fil-a, giving her some street cred in an industry with no certification process.