10 Quick Promotional Ideas for Mother’s and Father’s Day Marketing

With school getting out and vacation time arriving soon, it may be difficult to find time to promote Mother’s Day and Father’s Day products. Here are some fun, easy ideas for capturing sales this coming May and June.

Source: gradyreese / E+ / Getty

Feed the Crowd

If you’re having Mother’s Day and Father’s Day sales in a retail location, offer cookies and lemonade or cheese and crackers at the front door. Even if people don’t buy right away, they’ll have a happy memory of coming to the store and want to come back.

Reward Online Shoppers with Incentives to Keep Shopping

Send an e-coupon or other online incentive to consumers at regular intervals—like every 100th customer who checks out. This might increase immediate repeat sales. Customers might also create some good buzz about your company.

Post Videos that Focus on Technology

Father’s Day lags behind Mother’s Day in consumer spending, and in recent years, the most common Mother’s Day gifts have been jewelry and technology. You probably won’t have much luck advertising rings or necklaces for fathers—but you might reach Father’s Day shoppers with a cool new app or phone. Use this to reel in customers for cross-selling, too.

Throw Adventure into the Mix

Try mixing technology with new experiences. Post videos or tweet about items like photography drones that give consumers a new view on life while increasing their personal tech edge. Use this hook to link to other possible sales sites, such as outdoor gear or photo art décor.

Hashtag #highadventure

Build a Twitter campaign around fun things to do with—not just for—mom and dad. Attach photos or short videos that feature the products you most want to sell and exactly where to find them.

Label Products Aimed at Mothers as “Low-Carb Rewards”

Retail stores might spark a smile in shoppers (and maybe a sale) if they exhibit nutrition information labels for nonfood items for mothers, such as clothing and jewelry. Prominently display the words “zero net carbs” or “low-carb rewards” on the label or signage.

Hold an In-Store Demo, or Post a How-To Video on Your Company Website

Draw in DIY enthusiasts. Teach them something fun and interesting, and use it to cross-sell or upsell products.

Partner With a Nonprofit Organization

For the duration of a Mother’s Day or Father’s Day event, partner with a nonprofit organization or local charity to raise money for a family in need. For example, ask customers to round up the balance of their purchases to the nearest dollar and donate the change.

Send E-Cards

Wish former shoppers a happy Mother’s Day and Father’s Day in advance with an e-card. Include information on a few sales items, and thank them for their previous patronage. Make sure the card is fun and uplifting.

Feature an Instagram Drawing

During your Mother’s Day and Father’s Day sales, hold an Instagram drawing. To enter, consumers could buy your products as gifts, take selfies with the gift, and post their photos to your company’s Instagram profile.