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Hiring a Great Speaker for Your Next Event

Hiring the right speakers can draw people to your marketing or customer event. Here’s how to get the speakers your audience wants.

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To increase attendance at your next event, hire great speakers. However, simply hiring a big name in your industry may not be the best strategy for attracting industry leaders and increasing attendance. Instead, think strategically and outside the box of speakers in the marketing circuit. By doing your due diligence and uncovering speakers who are innovative, you’ll increase your event’s unique value proposition and encourage attendance. Here’s a closer look at strategies to help you hire a great speaker for your next marketing event.

Look for Big Names Offering Something New

There are certain speakers who attend events year after year. In part, they have the longevity and exposure because they’re great speakers. However, they often retread familiar ground—and unless your audience hasn’t had the chance to see them elsewhere, their attendance can be a turnoff rather than a selling point.

However, there is one important aspect to consider. Are they launching a new talk? Perhaps they’re publishing a new book and have developed an exciting talk that centers on that. Or maybe they recently accepted a new position and have fresh industry insights or case studies to present. If you are considering a big-name speaker to headline your event, insist he or she bring something new to the table, and use that unique aspect as part of your marketing.

Identify Cutting-Edge Practitioners

Increasingly, today’s event attendees want to know what’s working right now. No one is better positioned to offer those insights than the movers and shakers behind your industry’s most successful companies. In many cases, the executives and thought leaders behind fast-growing companies haven’t yet had the opportunity to share their insights. Consider bringing those individuals to the stage and highlighting their hands-on experience, real-world results, and unique practitioner perspectives.

Showcase Academic and Private Sector Researchers Who Focus on Your Industry

Every business audience loves data. In most fields, there are university professors, academic researchers, and even dedicated think tanks looking at what moves your industry forward. Consider inviting a panel of these individuals to share their biggest insights and help your audience get an objective, numbers-based perspective on what’s currently working in your industry. Typically, these individuals are only sharing their insights via an occasional interview or an academic publication. Bringing their beneficial thinking processes and deep insights to a larger audience can create valuable partnerships with those practitioners while giving your audience a unique edge in the market.

Finding the right speakers can raise your event’s profile and ensure a sold-out audience. Move beyond the standard names on the speaking circuit in your industry, and you’ll be well on your way to crafting an unforgettable marketing event with rich keynotes, engaging panels, and insights that attendees will be talking about long into the future.