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Choosing the Right Speaker for Your Next Marketing Event

Bringing the right speaker on board can increase the buzz and take the value of your marketing event to the next level. Here’s how to choose a great speaker.

Source: YurolaitsAlbert / iStock / Getty

Workshops, networking, and speakers: They’re the blood and bones of events in today’s marketing landscape. For event planners and organizing brands, determining the right criteria to choose your speakers is key. The right speakers will attract visitors and media engagement and help ensure a fantastic event. But what should you look for when choosing a speaker for a marketing event? A big name and following may not be the whole story. Instead, help your event stand out from the crowd by choosing a different set of criteria. Here’s what event organizers need to consider.

A unique speaking proposition: How many conferences have you attended year after year only to skip panels—or even keynotes? In many cases, it’s not because the speakers or the topics aren’t engaging. It’s simply due to topic fatigue. Often, the same topics, angles, stories, and data get rehashed over and over again. Look for a speaker who brings something unique to the table. A fresh approach to a tried-and-true topic can reenergize your audience and help ensure people are excited to take part in your event.

A timely hook: In addition to a unique angle, a timely hook can also be a valuable asset when choosing a speaker. Whether it’s a recently published book or experience working at a breakout company, a speaker with some tie-in to the news can help attract audiences. It’s also a smart step to bring something new and fresh to your conference or event. Because it’s difficult to do this consistently, hooking into timely opportunities can add an interesting edge to your event.

Willingness to engage: Some speakers will fly to an event, give their talk, collect their fee, and hit the road to their next engagement. Others will play a more active role in the event. Some will stay on-site, participate in other events, and become part of the fabric of the conference. Many are willing to do book signings, informal meets and greets, and interact with guests before and after their panels or talks. These individual moments can add real flavor and value to events for attendees. Explore what approach prospective speakers take on this issue when signing them up.

The right speakers bring energy, audience, and engagement to your event. Find unique hooks, fresh presentations, and speakers who are excited to be part of your conference to take the whole experience to the next level.