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Choosing the Perfect Webinar Topic

If your company is hosting a webinar, make sure it’s a topic that stands out and benefits your overall goals. Here’s how to choose the perfect topic.

Source: Oakozhan / iStock / Getty

Webinars are taking the Internet by storm right now, and for good reason. By hosting these online events, you can forge a connection with your client base in a way that e-mails, social media, or trade shows just can’t. They’re simple tools that can affect your bottom line in a major way. But the first step to any successful webinar is landing on a topic that your audience will flock to.

Before you even begin brainstorming, it’s important to know what your call to action will be. In addition to providing education, your webinar should have a very specific call to purchase a product, attend an event, or interact with your business in another way. By determining what that call is, you can then work backward to decide what your webinar should be about. If you’re going to be selling an e-course on Instagram use, your webinar could be a taste of that, like Why Growing Your Instagram Following Is the Most Important Thing You’ll Do This Year. Launching a new line of sustainable clothing? Maybe offer something like Why Your Current Wardrobe Is Killing the Environment. Think of your webinar as the “why” behind your product or service—it will provide the information people need to know before they purchase from you. No one is going to buy sustainable clothing if they don’t know why they should.

After you’ve brainstormed a few ideas, send out a survey to your audience. It only needs a few questions, the most important being, What’s the biggest struggle you’re currently facing when it comes to X? (X would be your industry.) From there, you’ll be able to see what your audience is interested in learning more about. You could have all the knowledge in the world on a topic, but if it isn’t what your potential clients want to know more about, you’ll be speaking to yourself. It’s not about what you want to talk about—it’s what your audience wants to learn about.

Lastly, make sure your webinar title is as clear as possible. Viewers should know exactly what they’ll be getting when they sign up, with no room for ambiguity. Use language that your clients will be familiar with—this isn’t the time to make up words and be creative. That can come within the webinar content, not in the marketing materials.

Webinars can attract new clients, bolster the ones you already have, and make selling your product or service that much easier. By following these steps, you’ll ensure your topic stands out from the crowd and fits the needs of your target market.