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Building Thought Leadership with Social Media

Yesterday, we explored a talk by Maddy Osman entitled Tweet Like a CEO: Building Thought Leadership Using Social Media. Osman spoke at BLR’s Marketing Summit last month in Denver. Today, we’ll look at a few more ways of using social media to build thought leadership, including creating sharable content and curating content.

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Step 6: Create Shareable Content

Aforementioned social CEO Gary Vee has written many books. One that comes to mind in this context is Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook. The idea behind the book is that every 5th post can be about your business, and every other post should be about your customers. This provides a good ratio to work off of when it comes to creating content that draws people in without being overly salesy.

One way to make the process of creating content easier is by creating daily themes to post around. Here are a few industry-agnostic examples:

  • Chime in on something relating to popular culture. Look at trending topics or the National Days Calendar
  • Share a branded tip
  • Share a relevant article
  • Share something about your local community
  • Share a customer testimonial (and ask for more)
  • Ask a question
  • Behind the scenes
  • Make a bold statement

When creating content, also consider trends that are sweeping social media:

  • Video: live or recorded, using closed captions (as most watch video without sound)
  • Publish longform content on LinkedIn Pulse or Medium. Content can be repurposed from the company website without duplicate content penalties.
  • Stories: Offer high reach, a behind-the-scenes feel, and they now allow you to link to other content.

Step 7: Curate Content, Because No One Wants to Hear From You All The Time

Sharing content that other people have written on your social channels to present your account as a rich and diverse resource for those in your industry.

Here are some of the best tools for easing the process of curation:

  • Nuzzel—For finding relevant content based on your Twitter connections
  • Buffer—For saving and scheduling curated content
  • Revue—For creating an email newsletter content roundup

And a process for using them:

  • Sign up for news straight from your industry’s top media sources
  • Create a Buffer account and Install their browser button
  • Add articles to your queue, and optimize for your best posting times
  • Use Revue to create a personal newsletter of curated content


With that, you now have a detailed process for building thought leadership on social media. But don’t just sit on it—do something about it!