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5 Ways to Market 2019 Events Now

The top events have a plan in place for marketing throughout the year. Here’s how to kick off your plans now.

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Successful marketing makes all the difference between an event that strikes a chord in its industry and one that falls flat. Many marketers don’t realize that hosting a successful event requires marketing far in advance. If you have an event on the books—even if it’s months away—here’s how to start getting people excited now.

Save the date: One of the most obvious steps for generating excitement about your event is letting people know when and where it’s happening. People are busy—especially the in-demand movers and shakers you want at your event. The earlier they can plan to attend your event, the more likely it is that you’ll make it onto their calendar. Promoting the venue and city can also help get people excited, especially if they are eager to visit a location for other reasons.

Promote the major selling points: Killer venue? Unique roundtable discussions? A big-name keynote speaker no one else can land? The most comprehensive curriculum on a subject? Whatever your selling points are, make the most of this opportunity by developing your marketing messaging around them. You may not be able to predict exactly what will speak to different audiences, so create campaigns that promote multiple hooks.

Get social with it: Attendees who plan to go to your conference, talk, or other event are often excited to share. They want their network to know they’re the kind of people who continue learning. They’re also eager to maximize the value of attending by networking with other people. Make it easy to share details of the event on social media by creating sample copy and sharing eye-catching graphics people can use to promote your event to the other people in their circles.

Offer promotional pricing: Get the ball rolling on attendance—and the cash flow to support an event—by offering promotional pricing. Signing up early often nets attendees a discount. And it’s a great way to generate buzz by getting the word out there and creating urgency to sign up “now!”

Establish a mailing list: Create great content and offer exclusive discounts that can help you build an e-mail mailing list. A mailing list is one of the best ways to cultivate a relationship with individual customers and woo them throughout the year with new information about your event.

If you’re investing time into marketing an event, you’re likely to see a big payoff. Increase the impact of your investments by getting the word out about your event early, and market assertively throughout the year.