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5 Customer Service Touch Points You Need During a Company Conference

A company conference can be either eagerly anticipated or dreaded as one of the most miserable events of the year. Including these customer service touch points will make your company conference an event to remember—in a good way.

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Conferences are a huge expense for any company. From the planning and marketing to the venue and events, it’s crucial to ensure a smooth experience for your attendees in order to maximize the return on your investment.

Here’s where you need to focus your attention in order to alleviate frustrations and provide a conference experience that attendees will rave about for ages.

Marketing Your Event

When is it? Where is it? Who will be there? What will happen? Before deciding to register for your conference, potential attendees will have a lot of questions. Including all the essential information in your marketing efforts can both head off any confusion and provide all the details someone might need to decide whether to attend. Conference-goers want to know about the benefits they will receive from attending a conference, both immediately and after the fact, so outline them clearly throughout your marketing campaign.

Support Registration

If you want to make your conference attendees happy, the registration process needs to be easy and painless. It’s common for conference registration to be as simple as an online form and payment, and that’s an adequate approach. But what happens when someone needs to cancel his or her registration or add a new team member or has other questions? Provide a clear contact point registrants can turn to when they need more assistance.

Assist with Booking Logistics

Booking accommodations for a conference can be a real headache for attendees. Conference hosts who offer discounted hotel rooms and other information on area accommodations can help remove friction for conference-goers. Make sure attendees can easily access rate information, booking deadlines, hotel amenity details, and information about area attractions.

Manage the On-Site Experience

It’s conference day. What process will attendees go through when they arrive? Oftentimes, the conference check-in process is a zoo, with long lines and wait times that can frustrate attendees. A branded app that allows conference-goers to check in without waiting can help save time and alleviate annoyances. The same app can also help participants access session information and a map of the venue and even connect with other attendees for an even smoother experience.

Ask for Feedback

Evaluations help make conference-goers feel important. But it’s not enough to just stick a questionnaire in their information packet or e-mail a link to a survey. Measuring the overall conference experience is key, but it’s also important to ask specific questions about each aspect of the event, from registration to individual sessions. This allows you to compare feedback with attendance tallies and get a comprehensive picture of the experience, as well as insights to improve future events.


Providing quality customer service during all these touch points can help ensure a stellar conference experience for all your attendees. Throughout the process, make conference-goers feel understood, supported, and valued in order to keep them coming back for all your future events.