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4 Ways to Increase Attendance at Your Industry Event

Events can be a great way to reach your audience, but they’re only effective if they’re well attended. Here are four strategies to boost event attendance.

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You’ve decided to put on a conference or a customer appreciation event. How can you get the word out and get people excited enough to attend? After all, an event often means travel expenses, time away from the office, and even justifying the value to attendees’ bosses. Make it impossible to say no to your events by using these four attendance-boosting strategies.

Develop a Differentiated Value Proposition

Has anyone ever told you he or she is skipping a conference or event because the topics, attendees, and opportunities are all the same? One of the most important things you can do to increase the attendance at your industry event is to develop a differentiated value proposition.

Show attendees what they can get from this conference that they can’t get anywhere else. Maybe you’ve booked exclusive speakers, or you’ll offer the inside track to certain networking or technology opportunities. Perhaps you’ll offer a concierge service to connect people who might potentially do business together. Focus on what makes your conference unskippable.

Consider Your Cost

As the headlines are laced with warnings of an impending recession, attendees are carefully evaluating every cost. Look at the cost-to-value ratio for your events. How expensive are the tickets? How expensive are the hotel and meals? Do you have high-value programs that cost more in addition to basic attendance? Is the overall cost of the city where you’re hosting things pricey? The more you can offer value for the money and keep overarching costs down, the more likely you are to attract attendees.

Leverage Technology to Streamline Logistics

Nothing is more frustrating in today’s busy environment than events with poorly managed logistics. Use technology to simplify the conference experience and keep attendees interested in joining your event. Centralize all your information on the website. Consider using an app for conference scheduling and things like booking reservations and other logistics.

Assess Your Value-Adds

For many people, the conference experience typically involves panels and networking with other guests. However, conference organizers are increasingly turning to full-day industry breakouts, master classes by recognized experts, and other value-adds that make their events stand out. Think about how to get your audience involved in your event. You may be able to create extra value and get people excited to attend.

In today’s busy environments, posting an event isn’t enough. You need a strong plan in place to ensure that people will attend. By leveraging your unique advantages, dialing up these aspects in your marketing, and looking for ways to get people excited, you’ll raise the profile of your event and ensure you hit your attendance key performance indicators.