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Satisfied Customer, Missed Opportunity

It happens every day. A customer calls your company with a basic customer service question. Your team quickly and efficiently handles it, ends the call in record time, and sends the customer on his or her way. On one hand, this is a successful call; at scale, it’s the sign of a contact center that’s operating according to plan. On another level, it’s an epic failure because every point of customer interaction is an opportunity to deliver excellent customer service. What steps can your team take to turn a regular customer service call into a big brand win?

Gather more information: The more information you have on your customers, the more effectively you’ll be able to serve them. Use routine calls as a way to gather information about who you’re serving. Many companies have a basic list of questions and encourage reps to use downtime to work them into the conversation. The data are then added to the company’s customer relationship management software, and it’s possible to use it later for more effective marketing and customer interactions.

Conduct targeted market research: Beyond simply updating customer account information, it’s helpful to think about how these customers could take part in ongoing market research. For example, many companies want to understand perceptions of their brand vis-à-vis customers. A happy customer may be willing to take a short market research survey at the end of his or her call or be added into the pool of customers who would potentially take part in a market research study.

Upsell and cross-sell: If a customer contacts you with a routine question, consider using the time you have with him or her to cross-sell or upsell. For example, if a customer is calling with a quick question about his or her cable package, ask about upgrading to a bundle. When a customer is focused on your brand and in a good mood—having just received a positive customer service experience—he or she is much more likely to jump at the chance to continue your relationship.

Enroll customers in a loyalty program: Loyalty programs are gaining momentum as brands work to find ways to stand out from the crowd. Often, enrolling in a loyalty program costs nothing and can pay dividends to your customers over time in terms of discounts, better service, and even exclusive content or products. However, getting a customer to agree—or simply making them aware of your program—can be challenging. If you’ve had a great customer service call, consider taking a few moments to brief the customer on your loyalty program and offer to take care of all the steps needed to enroll.

When customers calls your call center, and you’re able to send them on their way with problems solved, that’s a major win. However, if you’re not also looking at those conversations as opportunities to get more done, you may be missing a chance to help grow your brand and forge deeper connections with your customers.