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Do You Still Need a Customer Service Phone Number?

In today’s modern marketing landscape, is a customer service line still necessary?

callNo one can deny that technology continues to change the marketing landscape. From artificial intelligence to chatbots, from Instagram to digital Customer Relationship Manager programs, marketing continues to shift and change. So is there still a place for the customer service hotline?

The answer: yes.

Having a customer service phone line isn’t the most enticing thing for business owners. After all, you need to have someone available to answer calls, you need to answer a phone line, and it can feel as if they’re unnecessary—there are so many other modes of customer support available. But customer service hotlines are still incredibly important. Why?

Speed: Having a phone number solves problems quickly. Although some questions are easily solved with a detailed frequently asked questions (FAQ) section or e-mail support, when someone can call a number to fix a problem, it has the potential to take much less time. If you want to provide speedy customer support, having a customer service phone number is the way to go.

Human interaction: It’s easy to be on a company’s website and forget that it was founded by real, live humans. People buy from people, not businesses. In order to give your company a “face,” having a customer service phone number is essential. Customers can also become frustrated when there’s no way to reach a business directly. After all, if e-mail support isn’t adequate, what’s the next step if there isn’t a phone number? It’s likely the customer taking his or her business elsewhere. 47% of customers feel annoyed and want to seek out other brands when there isn’t a way to reach a business directly through a phone line.

Complications: There’s only so much an automated chatbot or e-mail template can do. At the end of the day, there will always be complicated issues that require a higher level of support. Not every issue can be foreseen and entered into an automated e-mail. What’s great about offering multiple streams of customer service is that the simpler inquiries can be easily filtered out before customers feel the need to call in.

Preference: Some customers simply like speaking on the phone more than they like sending an e-mail. If you want to make your customers feel comfortable, provide as many opportunities for customer service as possible.

So, although it can seem as if a customer service phone line is no longer necessary, the truth is, your customers will appreciate it if you make the investment.