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5 Pieces of Technology that Will Make Your Call Center More Effective

Technology can help your call center thrive. Here are five technologies you need now.

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Call centers are critical to the customer service experience, and having the right tech is essential to operating a high-capacity call center that helps resolve your customers’ biggest challenges. The right technology keeps information at your agents’ fingertips while also ensuring fast and efficient service. Here are five types of technology every call center needs to consider.

  1. Few call centers can operate without a customer relationship management (CRM) system as the foundational layer. The most robust CRMs allow call center agents to accept and retrieve consumer information more quickly and accurately while capturing the details of every service call to better inform future agents.
  2. Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) combines computer and telephone technology for better tracking of calls. Voice-over IP isn’t new, but as computer technology becomes more sophisticated, the capability of the machines behind Internet-based phone systems increases. CTI helps call centers better manage their call inflow and outflow while keeping communications costs under control.
  3. Automated Call Distribution (ACD) is one technology that arose from more sophisticated CTI. With ACD, AI is used to help recognize and route calls to the most appropriate agent. This has made it possible to further centralize by streamlining call management.
  4. Universal queues have proven highly effective in inbound call centers. These are virtual cues that combine CRMs and ACDs to route all incoming communications into a single queue. In the age of multichannel customer service, streamlined management is essential. It takes the potentially sporadic workability of different contact methods—calling, instant message, e-mail, and fax—and ensures consistent and smooth management from end to end.
  5. Voice activation and biometrics is an experimental technology that’s increasingly being incorporated into call centers. For call centers, like everything else, the next phase is centered on more voice control as a convenience through interactive voice response. Security is also a consideration for confidential customer data and payment information, and biometrics add an extra layer of security using everyone’s unique vocal print.

Technology plays a central role in making call centers successful. From empowering agents with the information they need to driving smoother infrastructure, invest in the technology you need to provide a world-class customer service experience.