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Need More Customers? 5 Ways Social Media Can Help Demand Generation

Finding customers can be challenging. Here are five ways social media can help drive customer acquisition and demand generation.

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Social media can feel like a chore to many entrepreneurs, as effective use of social media requires regular updates. Most entrepreneurs are already inundated with promotional responsibilities, making the task of learning about each social platform a daunting one. The benefits of using social media, though, make it hard to ignore. When used correctly, you can secure many new customers and help grow your brand. So how can a business use social media effectively to reach the goal of growing its customer base?

Integrate Video into Your Plans

Video has proven to be effective at turning prospects into buyers. Video sales letters are used to promote info products, while product demonstration videos help showcase physical items. Social media users have grown accustomed to watching videos with captions that help increase engagement. You could create a number of different video styles that best suit your business, like clips of live events, product demonstrations, a teaser trailer, and testimonials.

Start Scheduling Posts

Maintaining a consistent schedule is critical to social media success. However, it is common for businesses to forget to post over extended periods of time. Scheduling a group of posts is a great way to make sure your accounts are not forgotten, ensuring your followers receive content. You can use a tool like Buffer or Hootsuite to add a number of different posts and schedule them for times of high engagement.

Post in Real Time

Scheduling posts ensures you maintain consistency, but you still need to engage in real time. Followers can recognize accounts that don’t want to engage and that only post links. To avoid this issue, set aside some time to respond to followers, asking questions and discussing trending topics that relate to your industry. If you have a dedicated social media employee, you can make this a focus of your efforts.

Run Contests

Trying to get attention can be tricky on social media. A proven way to get some initial interest is to hold a contest. Offering a prize related to your industry can help to keep the contest focused, ensuring you only get targeted interest. Capturing the information of this interest allows you to send more marketing messages and potentially earn future sales. Tools like Gleam and Shortstack can be used to run your giveaways.

Run Ads

To really get the most interest on social media, it is important to use advertising. While most businesses prefer to benefit from organic interest, it is becoming harder to maintain engagement without investing in ads. Facebook is a great platform for running ads, as you can target the exact audiences you want to reach, and the platform will assist you in reaching unidentified prospects you may otherwise miss. A paid advertising campaign doesn’t have to be too expensive, especially when you can turn some initial interest into sales.

Social media isn’t just for brand awareness—it can also support customer acquisition and demand generation. Get started with a targeted campaign today.