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Could SMS Improve Your Customer Service?

SMS outreach can help you improve customer service. Here are some considerations.

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Today’s customers spend hours each day on their smartphones, and they’re increasingly looking for new ways to connect with customer service. From video chat to social media support, today’s customer service organizations are evolving to offer new channels and better service. One new strategy that’s emerging is using SMS (or text messaging) to offer real-time customer service support. Here’s what customer service leaders need to know.

Ensure that They Opt In

There are strict regulations about how businesses can use telephones to contact customers. Running afoul of these regulations can be expensive and cause legal hassles. Ask customers to opt in, and verify that you can contact them via customer support. There are multiple ways to do this, including using third-party apps and making the most of double opt-in processes.

Consider Automated Notifications

Give customers the option to sign up for automated customer service notifications. For example, could sending out an SMS message when a package is sent or an order is delivered help lower the volume of calls your customers have to make—and your agents need to field? Again, start with consent for each type of notification. Some retailers and companies require customers to verify how they want to be contacted for each order. However, automated SMS notifications provide quick alerts to customers regarding their most important questions.

Offer SMS Responses

When customers visit your website or reach out to your customer service team, allow them to choose SMS as a format. SMS offers the benefit of real-time communication. Many users prefer their phones to a computer, as they can respond quickly and efficiently to any requests—even if they’re not at their desks. Agents can also use any delays to work multiple requests, thus speeding up the overall queue.

‘Call Me Now’ Alerts

If you’ve ever called a busy customer support line, you know how frustrating a long wait can be. Now, SMS alerts can allow customers to receive a text and then respond with a simple “yes” when they’re available. The next agent can then contact that person—or respond for an SMS support session—at the customer’s convenience. By reducing waits and bringing support directly to their smartphone’s chat window, you’ll be overcoming some of the most common frustration points today’s customers express.

SMS customer service support is quickly becoming a favored channel. Don’t miss the chance to forge a deeper real-time connection with customers by offering SMS support. Make SMS customer support part of your customer experience plan for 2020.