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5 Tools to Improve Social Media Customer Service

Social customer service is more in demand than ever before. Find the right tools to power your social service efforts.

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By now, most social media teams use software tools to plan editorial content and schedule social posts. If you’re not also using tools to respond to comments and monitor other mentions, you could be letting your customers down. When delivering customer service across social media channels, it’s important to use tools that let you do what you need to do: Respond to customers when and where they are.

Here are five tools helping teams improve social media customer service.

Sprout Social is an all-in-one platform for effective social media management and helps businesses build meaningful and lasting relationships with their customers. With a single platform, you can access, manage, monitor, and analyze your posts across all major social media platforms. By consolidating all social media messages into one in-box, Sprout Social offers a more holistic view of your social presence. The tool is also scalable for different-size businesses, from small businesses to enterprise level, and advanced features enable team collaboration.

Buffer Reply aggregates private messages across different social channels all in one place—like Sprout Social—but Buffer Reply has one major difference: It’s not integrated with Buffer’s social media scheduling tool. Some reviews peg this as a shortcoming, but others realize the advantage. With this tool, agents can focus solely on monitoring social media mentions and interacting with commenters to build relationships. This also enables companies to buy Reply licenses for the specific number of users who provide social media customer service. Reply also supports collaboration among teams and treats social conversations like help tickets, requiring agents to “close” a thread before it can be hidden, which helps ensure messages are seen in a timely fashion.

Rignite allows companies to schedule posts, reply to messages, manage social media marketing campaigns, and analyze activity. Rignite’s social monitoring tool combines private messages from all social networks in one place, and users can use filters to create customized views. As part of its collaboration features, Rignite enables users to tag messages and assign them to team members. With plans that fit teams of all sizes, this all-in-one tool offers stiff competition to favorites like Buffer and Sprout Social.

Mention is a social media monitoring tool that’s available to agencies and enterprise-level organizations, and it works across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. With its main focus of finding conversations that are already taking place about your brand across social media, Mention can be a good tool for identifying influencer marketing opportunities in addition to solving problems and answering questions. It can also be used to monitor specific industry keywords or keep track of competitors so your brand never misses an important conversation.

Brand24 is another social media listening tool that enables brands to monitor their own social media mentions and performance, as well as those of their competitors. The tool allows users to segment mentions by type (positive, negative, or neutral) and identify potential influencer partners. Brand24 displays social mentions in real time, offering agents the best opportunity to respond quickly with a thank you or an offer of assistance. With analytics available for nearly every aspect of social media activity, Brand24 is great for teams that prioritize data-driven solutions.

Given that 80% of customers expect brands to reply to their social media messages within 24 hours, your team can’t afford to lose track of messages. Using a tool expressly designed to bring customers and social media customer service agents together can help your brand deliver the customer experience your audience expects and desires. With a variety of tools available for businesses of all sizes, choosing the best social media monitoring tool for your organization has never been easier.