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Creating an Amazing CX During a Pandemic IS Possible, Says Expert Shep Hyken

Last month, we kicked off an exclusive event for customer contact leaders across the nation. Our first-ever virtual roundtable event, Customer Contact Now, allowed customer contact leaders, vendors, and experts to get together and share their challenges, solutions, and best practices for making customers and customer service agents happier and less stressed during these challenging times brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Shep Hyken Delivers Engaging Opening/Closing Keynote

Chief Amazement Officer of Shepard Productions Shep Hyken kicked off the event with a keynote session dedicated to creating an amazing customer experience (CX) during a pandemic—and yes, he says, it is possible!

How can your agents be amazing? According to Hyken, it’s simple: “You just have to be better than average all the time.” He adds that “fine” is not “amazing,” and no one should strive to be just “fine.” Hyken adds, “Fine is the F bomb of the CX. Fine is a fake smile, OK at best.” Think about your last customer service experience. Were you left feeling just “fine”? If so, it wasn’t an amazing experience.

Anytime a customer comes into contact with any aspect of a business, he or she has the opportunity to form an impression, Hyken explains. He says this is your opportunity to make your best impressions, and if you ruined your first impression, there’s always an opportunity to turn it around to create an amazing experience.

7 Steps for Creating an Amazing CX

Hyken also shared his steps for creating an amazing CX. Some are self-explanatory, but for others, we provided more information:

1. Define the customer vision. Create a sentence or short summary of what your service, or CX, is all about.

2. Gather feedback, and create steps to improve the experience.

3. Act like an owner. According to Hyken, agents love to be empowered to take care of problems.

4. Teach agents how to make autonomous decisions. If the agent is not sure he or she can say “yes” to the customer, have him or her speak to the manager. Over time, this will help teach your agents where the line in the sand is.

5. Be proactive.

6. Ask the extra question. You think you may know what the customer wants, but the only way to be sure is to ask, says Hyken. If the customer asks, “Can I get this quickly?” your agents should follow up with asking the customer how quickly he or she needs it, not with “yes.”

7. “Awesome responsibility.” Hyken refers to this term as a person’s positive influence on a customer. This “awesome responsibility” will reflect across the whole team, and in turn, it will make the whole team awesome. Hyken adds that “one of you represents all of you.” So if there’s one bad apple in the bunch, the customer is going to assume the whole team is loaded with bad apples.

At the end of the day, you and your agents’ number one priority is the customer, and it will always be the customer; therefore, nailing the CX is crucial, especially during the coronavirus pandemic. If you’re interested in joining the discussion, click here to register for our October event.