Customer Experience

Why Customer Speed Matters

Your customers are expecting things faster than ever.

Source: Dmytro Lastovych / iStock / Getty

Customers have always expected things quickly. From the beginning of retail stores, shops made sure that customers were seen efficiently. But in 2020, things are going to be even more intense. From free 2-day shipping to DIY checkout lanes, customers now expect lightning-fast service. How can you incorporate this in your own company?

Prioritize Customer Time

The truth is, your customers are just like you—busy. There are few people on earth who would identify themselves as having tons of free time. They don’t want to spend hours of their day in lines or on hold. Their time matters. Showing them that their time matters to you, too, is a simple way to make sure they feel respected. Think about your customer experience journey. Where do customers encounter wait times?  How can you make those times shorter?

The Competition Is Real

Most big-box chains are now offering some type of speedier service option. If you’re still trying to attract people to your small business, it’s essential that customers don’t think “long waits” when they think of your brand.

Premium Wait May Equal Premium Prices

In order to get free 2-day shipping with Amazon, shoppers must be Prime customers. In order to get the deal with Target, they need to have a Target credit card. Most grocery stores now offer pickup—but they charge extra for it. It’s OK to experiment with your pricing and see if you can push at least some of the expedited costs to customers. People are willing to pay for more time, and they can then make a decision if their time or money is worth more to them. Don’t be afraid to try new things in 2020, like a membership program to get faster shipping.

Service Can’t Falter

Is wait time important? Sure. But you also don’t want customers to feel like they’re rushed. There’s still an important place for high-quality customer service. You need to find the balance between lowering wait times while making sure every single customer is getting the world class service they deserve. Implementing something like call back software allows you to value your customer’s time while making sure they’re getting taken care of. A well-written FAQ that’s easily accessible on your website can also eliminate a lot of your customer needs. But not having a phone number or help desk email address available for customers and thinking you’re “saving time” is not the way to go.