Customer Experience

Three Ways to Make Customers’ Lives More Convenient

In our current culture of convenience, you want to make it easier than ever for shoppers to become buyers.

Source: anyaberkut / iStock / Getty

These days, everything can be made to feel convenient. Instead of hailing a cab, you can order an Uber off of your phone. Instead of booking a hotel, you can breeze through Airbnb ads. Instead of picking up takeout, just call up GrubHub. Making your customer experience feel more convenient is a way to stand out from the crowd as a company that truly cares about your customers’ time and energy. A company that doesn’t make doing business easier for a customer isn’t a company that’s going to have many customers. Customer experience is a vital part of the customer service equation. Here are a few ways to make your customers’ lives more convenient.

  1. Make sure your website is mobile friendly. Most visitors to your website are visiting it on a mobile device, so if your site loads strangely or doesn’t have great formatting, customers can get frustrated. You don’t want them to have to stop what they’re doing to get on a desktop in order to interact with your company. Your website and payment process should all be done over a cell phone so that customers can browse and purchase on the go. Go through your website on a variety of mobile devices, and make sure that any videos, links, or forms work correctly. Additionally, all your social media links should be easily displayed on your website so that customers have multiple avenues of communication to choose from.
  2. Have both a phone and an e-mail help line. Customers will appreciate the convenience of having a question answered without having to sit through an automated phone line. By having an e-mail help line, whoever answers the e-mails will also have time to gather his or her thoughts and take the best course of action. If someone needs help immediately, having a call line is also great, but offering e-mail assistance can make the lives of busy clients a lot easier.
  3. Keep surveys short. Although it’s important to send customer feedback surveys so that you understand your clients and have knowledge of their experience, making surveys long and complicated will frustrate clients and make them less willing to participate. Instead, embrace the two-question survey: (1) Who are you? and (2) How did our product or service benefit you? The shorter your survey, the more likely it is to be filled out; and the more survey answers you have, the better you can serve your audience. It’s a win-win.