Customer Experience

Three Ways to Incorporate Tech into Your Customer Service

Utilizing marketing technology is a no-brainer. But how can it improve your customer experience?

Source: ra2studio / iStock / Getty

Technology affects almost every part of our businesses these days. From e-mail to social media to advertising to providing digital services and products, the business landscape continues to transform as more and more technology tools become available to business owners.

But marketing technology doesn’t just help make the lives of business owners easier. It can also completely transform your customer experience, giving your clients an elevated level of service and turning them into loyal followers of your brand. Incorporating technology into your customer service, when done with thought and consideration, will improve your business practices and leave your customers feeling valued.

Here are three ways to incorporate sales technology into your customer service experience to make the relationship between you and your customer that much smoother:

  1. A great CRM: Customer relationship managers (CRMs) are one of the best ways to systemize your workflow. There are plenty of popular options out there, from Dubsado to Honeybook to Agile, but the best CRM is the one that does what you need it to do. Figure out what elements of a CRM software are the most important to you—that it sends automatic invoices? That it tracks your hours? That it sends client updates in a branded format? Incorporating a CRM into your client experience will help your client stay updated and you stay organized.
  2. Insight-driven marketing: When you know who your customers are, you know what they need the most. That’s why insight-driven marketing is so important for companies to utilize. Insight-driven marketing simply means making sales decisions based on insights you’ve gathered from analytics, like how old your clients are, where they live, and what they’re hoping your product will do for them. By implementing an analytics system and tracking your numbers, you can improve your marketing decisions and give your customers more of what they’re looking for.
  3. Automation: One of the best benefits of marketing technology is the ability to automate systems and processes. While this can help you as a salesperson, it can also help your customer. By automatically shooting them a survey after a customer service call or automatically reminding them of items they left in their cart, you’re helping them make purchasing decisions and giving them an opportunity to give you feedback. In turn, you can take their feedback and use it to improve your business practices. It’s a win-win. Automation also saves time for everyone and makes interactions more efficient.