Customer Experience

The Key to Keeping Your Customer Service Consistent

How can you ensure your customers are all receiving an equal level of quality service?

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When you’re working with a customer service team, you know that different people are going to handle different solutions differently. Tons of factors can go into this, be it personalities, energy levels, or even a person’s current mood. But you don’t want some customers feeling less important than others. How can you ensure that your customer service is consistent in order to maintain a high quality of service and leave all customers feeling the love?

Have a Customer Service Mission Statement

What’s a customer service mission statement? It’s simply a document that describes your overarching goal for each and every customer interaction.

Mission statements are helpful because they apply to every single customer that calls in. No matter what a customer spends, how angry they are, or—and here’s the key—who’s speaking to them, the mission of your customer service team will be consistent. If you’re able to narrow down a mission statement, it won’t matter who is being spoken to over which platform.

What Should a Mission Statement Include?

A customer service mission statement should include the exact way you’re hoping to serve your customers and the way you want customers to feel.

So maybe you’re a company that sells business coaching. An example of a mission statement would be: Our mission is to sell our customers our six-month group coaching program and ensure that they always feel respected, supported, and affirmed. That mindset will flow through every interaction. If someone tweets in angrily, your social media manager might be exhausted and have the urge to tweet something snappish back. But your mission statement reminds you that each customer should feel respected. It would hopefully encourage them to instead respond in a respectful way. Or maybe a customer calls in with a thousand questions that seem sort of stupid. It would be easy for a customer service agent to just point them to the Frequently Asked Questions on your website…but would that help a customer feel supported? Probably not.

A customer service mission statement reminds your customer service team of the importance of every individual interaction. It’s easy to start seeing customers as a sea of faces instead of individuals who really need our consistent support. But the more we’re able to support our customers, the more return business we’ll see. A mission statement is just the first step to helping us deliver high-quality service on a consistent basis.