Customer Experience

The Key to Improving Customer Experience in a Call Center

Call center agents play a central role in keeping customers happy.

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When people call into a call center, chances are they’ve encountered some type of problem. Maybe the product never got delivered, perhaps it’s malfunctioning, or they may just be unhappy with it after purchasing. No matter why customers are calling in, call centers need to be energetic, cheerful, and articulate when dealing with them. That’s a tall order, especially when you consider how many calls your agents are receiving a day.

However, the call center is an important part of your overall customer experience. A customer isn’t always done engaging with your business after his or her purchase; therefore, you need to make sure there’s a solid process in place for what happens when unhappy customers have additional questions. By having solid call flow management, you’ll ensure that the customer’s experience remains positive even after he or she has purchased.

Incorporating a Call Flow Process

It’s extremely common for a call center agent to be unable to complete a customer’s call on his or her own. For instance, maybe a caller is demanding a refund and that agent doesn’t have clearance to offer refunds. Or, the caller could have a specific question the agent doesn’t know the answer to.

But customers can’t stand being passed around. Almost all of us have had the experience of calling a company only to get switched from agent to agent, with nobody really providing a solid answer. It’s a waste of time, and it’s a waste of a company’s resources. All businesses should have a well-planned call flow so that call centers make a customer’s experience better, not worse. What’s the process if a caller needs to hand a call on?

There are a few ways a company can handle this. One would be to have a well-established flowchart so that a call center agent knows exactly where to transfer calls if he or she needs assistance. Another would be a call center software that does this automatically so that an agent can direct a call to a particular umbrella of agents better suited to handle it.

The point is, having call flow management in place is essential to the customer experience. As the holidays approach and calls are about to skyrocket, make sure you take the time to implement a call flow process that will work well for your business. The better a customer’s experience is, the more likely he or she will return to your company again and again.