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How to Reward Customer Loyalty This Holiday Season

Keeping your customers invested in your company is something that should be front of mind. Celebrating loyalty can do that for you.

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Every business owner knows that return customers are an important source of business. One-off clients are always appreciated, but loyal customers can make a huge difference in your sales numbers. Customers who return again and again are, in many ways, the ones keeping most businesses afloat. If your company provides a truly stellar product or service, combined with customer care, loyal customers will return. This will help give your business a great reputation and obviously give your bottom line a boost. Plus, return customers tend to give the best referrals and testimonials. As we turn the corner into the holiday season, how can you reward customer loyalty?

Provide Special Holiday Discounts

Could you send past customers some kind of coupon code to use on holiday gifts? This is a great way to show how appreciative you are of their past business while encouraging them to continue to utilize your company. Send it out exclusively to people on your e-mail list who have purchased in the past. Instead of just blasting out coupons and deals to all of social media, providing them specifically for people who have utilized your company previously will help create a “community” feel among your most loyal clientele.

Personally Thank Customers

If you have customers who made a real difference in your company’s bottom line, the holidays are a great time to send them a small token of appreciation. It doesn’t have to be a fancy fruit basket—in fact, a handwritten card or well-wishing phone call can go further than any gift, as long as it’s sincere. Let your customers know what a difference they’ve made in your business and how grateful you are for their support. This reminds them that your business is willing to go above and beyond for your clients and that you’re a real person, not just a company.

Continue the Excellent Care

Sometimes the best thing you can do is continue to provide world-class service. Just because a customer continues to return to your business doesn’t mean he or she deserves less than your best or that you should start letting your service slip. Keep a high bar, and continue to reach for it. Doing the small things well, like promptly responding to customer inquiries and delivering things on time, is the best way to reward customers. You want to deliver such great service that they feel as if they got a deal.