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Can Your Social Media Strategy Support Your Customer Experience?

An increasing focus on the CX is driving every aspect of business. Here’s how to make sure your social strategy supports it.

Source: Tashatuvango / iStock / Getty

There’s a ruthless focus for many businesses on delivering a winning customer experience (CX), which means different things to different companies, but the bottom line is that companies want to focus on making customers happy. As more brand touch points and customer interactions are anchored to social channels, it’s important to find the intersection of your social strategy and your CX planning. Here’s a quick look at how your social goals and approach can help bring your larger CX vision to life.

Articulate what a social CX looks like: The cornerstone of an effective customer experience is articulating what your customers want and how you’ll deliver that. Finding opportunities in your social strategy often starts with determining what that means—is a good social media-driven CX built around great content, fast responses, entertainment, or customer service? The clearer you are about that objective, the better you’ll be able to create a plan to respond—and, importantly, to know where to invest your resources.

Address customer care: Increasingly, customers are taking to social media channels to share opinions, get help, and interact with customer support, so it’s critical to have a social customer support strategy in place. This often boils down to two things: the right technology and trained agents. There are a variety of tools that can help you monitor mentions, identify customer service issues, and make it easy to track responses in real time, and brands that capture maximum value from these tools also spend time training their agents on best practices, as well as creating policies and plans that offer the 24/7 availability today’s audiences demand.

Look for ways to add value: Providing the kinds of interactions your customers want and offering basic support are, in many ways, the basic thresholds today for social CX. Think about ways to deeply engage your audience. How can a brand go beyond the basics and really create value and interest and ultimately drive activations and conversions? For example, one business-to-business (B2B) brand learned that its audience was hungry for insights on how to address parts of its business. The brand then turned social channels into the best way for its audience to connect with its experts via Q7A. So, find more about what your audience wants, and be creative in delivering that value.

Finding new ways to bring your planned CX to life can delight customers and help place your brand in a winning position. Consider your social channels as an avenue to deal with the most pressing needs of your audience.