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4 Ways to Get Feedback on Your Customer Experience

As customer experience remains in the spotlight, the way you collect feedback matters. Here’s how to get good insights on your CX.

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Customer experience has reshaped the conversation around business. Marketers who put time into gathering customer feedback have several advantages. From targeted messaging to better understanding what the market wants, it’s possible to use this data to grow your business. Here’s how to gather better data on your customer experience.

Interview Customers

Consider holding some interviews to speak directly to your audience. Interviews are effective because they allow you to have a fluid conversation. In addition to being able to dig deep on your preset scripts, you’ll be able to evaluate their body language, changes in voice, and the subtext that can be hard to get in other formats. You can also dig deeper if something captures your attention and use the conversation as an opportunity to reinforce your relationship.

Talk to Front Line Staff

Another strategy that can help put you in touch with your most important customers is taking to front line staff. Some of the best insights may come from customer service, account teams, or floor service personnel who interact with customers daily. What are the most common questions they’re asked? What problems and frustrations are they finding ways to resolve? The more you lean into these insights across the organization, the more you’re able to deep dive into rolling out solutions that speak to your audience.

Conduct Surveys

Surveys can be a great way to take the temperature of your audience overall and can be an effective solution to helping you home in on your most important leverage points to impact your CX. With digital survey software, you can easily run quick polls or small surveys—or customize a larger survey as part of your outreach to your customers.

Measure Satisfaction

Another way to get customer feedback is to gather insights through annual satisfaction studies. For example, the NPS is one way to understand how happy customers are overall and whether they’d recommend your service. There are multiple approaches to measuring customer satisfaction that can be implemented at regular intervals: monthly, quarterly, or annually to give you good insights.

Understanding whether your audience is happy and what they need can help you make the most of limited time and ensure that your investments of energy and resources capture a maximum ROI. Commit to better communication loops with customers in 2020 and you’ll see results across the board.