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4 Ways Automation Tech Can Improve Your CX

Could automation be the key to a better customer experience (CX)?

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As companies work diligently to find any advantage in the customer experiences they’re offering, technology can help. Timeliness, convenience, and strong communication are essential for delighting customers and keeping them coming back for more. If your team is busy and you’re looking for sustainable ways to scale your efforts across the customer experience, technology can be your best friend. Here are four types of technology that can improve your CX with automation.

Shopping and Shipping. Operating an e-commerce store successfully requires a lot of communication with customers. Automation can help by sending receipts, shipping confirmations, tracking numbers, and order updates automatically. In the case of one client I worked with, the company’s most common point of customer contact was inquiries regarding updates on these issues. Their calls dropped by more than 50% in the first month after implementing an automated system, and over time, they were able to identify other areas that needed additional communication such as payment rejections or items that were out of stock.

Customer satisfaction follow-up. When a customer contacts your organization, do you know if he or she is happy with you or with the resolution received? Consider automating this process by sending customer satisfaction surveys to each customer who calls or e-mails your organization. Find out if the customer was happy with the level of service received; ask if the customer service agent helped; and see if other outstanding issues exist regarding your company. Based on this information, you will know whether you have succeeded or should take follow-up steps to strengthen the relationship with that customer.

Automate account verification. Another source of frustration that customers often highlight is the account verification process. In today’s age of identity theft, it is critical that companies verify they’re talking to the right person before potentially releasing sensitive information. At the same time, all too often a customer will verify the account through an automated system and then be asked to do so again by each and every customer service agent he or she speaks with. Put an automated solution in place, and then make sure that the information carries through to all other aspects of the call.

Answering frequently asked questions. In many cases, customer service teams deal with the same questions repeatedly. One way you can automate answers to your frequently asked questions is by implementing a “chatbot” app. Not long ago, having a page on your website that listed the frequently asked questions and answers was considered state of the art. Today, companies are investing in simple programs that use conversational interfaces to help customers resolve these questions. Consider adding a tab to your company’s website or application to augment your customer service team.

As the customer experience becomes an essential part of your organization’s brand, ensure that your customer service is up to par. Automation can help alleviate the burden from your team, while also ensuring that you’re meeting your customers’ needs and expectations.