Customer Experience

4 Tricks to Get More Positive Feedback from Customers

Whether you want customers to spread the love about your business through the Internet or by word of mouth, your products and services should be more than satisfactory. Your offerings should be so exceptional that it makes people want to share their great experience with others. If your company doesn’t stand out from the rest, you won’t retain many customers or brand advocates who swear by your company.

There are various ways you can gain positive feedback from customers so that they spread the word about your amazing services.

  1. Provide Good Customer Service

When a customer has a problem with your product or service, you should be able to solve it in a timely and professional manner. Your customer service reps should be friendly, emphatic, and relatable. This is the key to getting customers to love your brand. They want to feel valued and know that you care about meeting their needs. Great customer service is sure to get customers on board and appreciative of what you have to offer them. When they leave reviews about your business, they’ll say something positive that’ll make others want to give your brand a try.

  1. Be Approachable

Customers should feel comfortable coming to you about questions, concerns, or problems they may have. They shouldn’t feel like they’re a bother to you. You want them to feel like their time is valuable to you and that you’re more than willing to go above and beyond to satisfy them.

To make your business more approachable, you have to make it easier for customers to contact you. To do this, you or your staff need to answer e-mails and calls promptly. If you can’t get to the phone in time, provide customers with an alternative way to contact you, and get all the necessary phone services like voicemail and call forwarding.

Your business phone shouldn’t just ring and ring, and your website shouldn’t provide outdated contact information and business hours. These are sure ways to alienate your customers and make them leave negative reviews. When potential customers become aware of your unreachability, they won’t want to do business with you.

  1. Connect With Customers on Social Media

On the major social media platforms, there are, in total, billions of monthly active users (MAUs). This means that there are tons of people logging into their social media accounts on a regular basis. With that said, you can leverage the power of social media to engage with customers. People are not only learning about brands on social media but also sharing their experiences with particular brands with other users. Getting positive customer feedback for your business is so important. Being active on social media will not only help humanize your brand and make you more approachable but also entice customers into saying good things about your business.

  1. Get Positive Publicity

You might have heard the saying “all publicity is good publicity.” But that isn’t always the case. In fact, your business could gain publicity over something negative. For example, imagine that someone recorded one of your employees saying something derogatory toward a customer and the video went viral. Sure, the incident generated awareness for your business, but at the same time, your employee’s actions turned a lot of people off from engaging with you.

Therefore, instead of generating bad publicity, you need good publicity to get people on board with your brand. It could be a picture of you handing over a check to a charity or an article in the paper about your business sponsoring a tennis tournament. Whatever cause you choose to participate in, you’ll gain the respect and trust of people who hear about it. Some of them will spread the word to others.

Getting feedback about your business and products/services is inevitable, but the type of feedback you receive will be up to you.

Craig Middleton graduated from UC Berkeley with a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and has worked in healthcare and HR businesses for most of his professional career as an HR specialist. In his free time, he likes to write about topics that interest him, watch baseball, and try new restaurants. You can connect with Middleton on LinkedIn.