Customer Experience

4 Easy Ways to Simplify Your Online Shopping Experience

Removing friction from your online shopping experience is the key to converting more buyers. Here’s what marketers need to know.

LUHUANFENG / iStock / Getty

Creating a strong digital experience is your best strategy for marketing and selling online. Yet creating the experience often isn’t about delivering the latest features or cutting-edge technology. Instead, it’s about creating a simple, personalized, and easy to use purchase pathway that customers can rely on time and again. If you’re looking for ways to simplify your brand’s online shopping experience, here are four things to consider.

Focus on Payment

Cart abandonments often happen on the payment page. Take a UI-focused approach to this issue and help reduce the number of breakdowns in the customer experience. How many clicks does a customer have to go through to enter their information, confirm payment, and evaluate shipping options? The fewer clicks, the better. Expanding the types of payments you take and integrating outside providers, such as PayPal, for seamless checkouts can improve the quality of your customers’ shopping experience with your brand.

Add a Search Feature

How easy is it for customers to find a specific item on your website? There are several factors that often go into this, from having detailed, SEO-optimized product pages to easy-to-manage navigation. Adding a search feature is a great way to help customers immediately find what they’re looking for, whether they’re searching for a specific product by name or browsing your inventory in a certain category.

Leverage Visual Storytelling

Buying is a visual experience, and the best platforms make it easy for buyers to see what they’re looking for. Don’t overlook the importance of good product photos when you’re building your website. For example, don’t just include a single photo of a product. Do your best to include multiple photos of each product from different angles. High quality photos that connect to the text and product specs give customers confidence in what they’re going to receive. If possible, including videos or video-based testimonials can be a great way to add more life and dynamic content to your digital shopping experience.

Implement Cross-channel Support

Today’s customers don’t just shop on a single device. A customer might start looking at products on a mobile phone, price compare on their tablet, and finalize a purchase on their computer that has stored payment info. Restarting a purchase each time they visit your website or app can be frustrating. Implementing technology that helps recognize customers and integrate their experience across channels goes a long way toward eliminating friction from the customer journey.

Heading into the holiday sales season and 2020, eliminating friction from your buying journey can help you increase sales and capture more value from your customer-focused efforts.