Customer Experience

3 Ways Your Contact Center Can Use a Knowledge Base

In customer service, time is money, and it’s important to use every tool available to deliver an effective customer experience while controlling costs. Yet, it can be difficult to anticipate and train your contact center team for every customer service issue that arises during their shift. Increasingly, companies are relying on a shared knowledge base to make it quicker and easier to access core information. Here are three ways to leverage a knowledge system in your call center to help your agents be more effective.

Keyword searchable basic questions. Often, agents are expected to handle the same customer service questions time and again. However, if an agent has not previously encountered a specific nuance or product detail, it can be challenging to quickly and efficiently solve the problem. With a keyword-searchable database of basic questions, your agents can quickly identify details such as the refund policy for a specific product or the product specs of a certain model. The ability to deliver this level of granularity in customer service is key but not always achievable with basic training.

Capture frequently asked questions. As products and services evolve, your customer service needs can change. For example, introducing a new product into the market can lead to a series of previously unfielded questions. Utilizing a knowledge base, agents can capture the details of questions they’re frequently receiving. Not only does that provide support and training to other agents in real time, but it also helps to establish what issues managers should be focused on going forward.

CRM and knowledge base overlap. Increasingly, customer service organizations are using customer relationship management software to capture the details of their interactions with customers. For example, does a specific customer routinely have issues of a certain nature or call with similar questions? Are they located in a geographic area that’s known to have delivery problems? With a customer service relationship management system and knowledge base initiative in place, agents are able to quickly capture the details of the customer service issues. Every agent or company representative later interacting with the customer can leverage that information for personalized, consistent service.

A contact center knowledge base can be a vital component of your customer service technology mix. From better capturing the content of your customer calls to developing faster strategies to get agents the information they need, a knowledge base system can turbocharge your customer service team’s performance.