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Three Numbers That Are Killing Your E-mail List

Your e-mail list is a vital part of your marketing plan. Knowing these four numbers can ensure it stays healthy and thriving.

If you’ve been focusing on building your e-mail list, you’ve probably been tracking its size pretty closely. After all, you may have a huge following on social media, but the importance of an e-mail list can’t be understated. It continues to be the most effective way to reach clients and land right in their inbox. As social media platforms mix up their algorithms, it becomes trickier and trickier to land in front of new eyes.

But new members aren’t the only important analytic when it comes to your list. There are all kinds of numbers to track to help your list have healthy growth. You might already be keeping an eye on things like your conversion rate and click-throughs, but what about the numbers that are hurting your efforts? Here are three analytics, in particular, that can hurt your e-mail list in a big way.

  • Unsubscribe rate. Are certain e-mails leading to tons of unsubscribers? Check out your headlines and e-mail content to make sure you’re providing value instead of seeming “spammy.” Once people hop on your list, you want to keep them there! At the same time, don’t get too stressed out about this—if people jump on your list for a content upgrade and then hop off, they probably aren’t your dream clients, and you don’t want to pay to send e-mails to them anyway.
  • Bounce rate. When e-mails bounce, it means they didn’t go to a valid address. The e-mail address provided to you could have been entered incorrectly or since been deleted. Since you pay for your list depending on its size, bounce e-mails are a complete waste of money. After an e-mail bounces, remove it from your list immediately. Your bounce rate should always be 0.
  • Unopen rate. Every e-mail marketing service provider will give you your open rate. The opposite of that number is your unopen rate. If your unopen rate is above 80%, that means 80% of people are simply ignoring your e-mail, and you either need to do some serious pivoting when it comes to your content or clean out your list. You don’t want to spend time and money crafting e-mails that aren’t being read. Take a look at what you’re sending out to your list. Is it important, high-quality content that provides them real value, or are you just feeling obligated to shoot out e-mails? This is the key to lowering that unopen rate.