Category: Workforce Management & Optimization

Should You Hire Remote Agents?

A trend that’s taking customer service centers by storm is hiring remote agents. Traditionally, a call center has been a physical office location where managers can work closely with agents to resolve customer problems. Today, better technology is making remote agents a viable and affordable possibility. Here’s a closer look at the trend and how […]

How to Manage 4 Types of Customer Service Agents

As a call center manager, you interact with a wide range of different personalities. Adapting your style to effectively manage each type of agent and help them achieve maximum productivity—and maximum customer satisfaction—can take a dash of magic. Here is a closer look at four types of agents and how to manage them effectively.

Is Your Customer Service Team Ready for the Holidays?

For many businesses, the holiday season represents a kind of customer service “code red.” The volume of requests goes up, as does the pitch when stressed customers are looking for products, angry about shipping mishaps, or taking up a lot of agents’ time with seasonal chatter. Helping to prepare your agents to manage the volume […]

3 Ways a Script Can Speed Up Customer Service

During a recent visit to a restaurant’s drive-thru, I was given my order—which included a beverage—but the server failed to include a straw. I sat in my car for close to 1 minute waiting for the window to reopen so that I could request the missing straw. Upon receiving my straw, I drove away. In […]

Are You Ready for Global Customer Service?

Is your customer service team ready to take on the needs of a global customer base? As companies expand, it’s important to train your customer service team to be comfortable dealing with a wide range of cultures, languages, and business customs. Here’s a closer look at four tips that top international companies use to deliver […]

How to Have Shorter Customer Service Calls

If there’s one key performance indicator that contact center managers need to keep a close eye on, it is time: how long customers wait; how much time customer service representatives are spending actively taking calls; and perhaps most importantly, how long each customer service call takes. As a manager, one of your most important goals […]

How to Reduce Your After-Call Work Time

As contact centers increasingly focus on streamlining their process to handle more calls in less time, it’s natural to hone in on metrics. The average time to handle a call gets the most attention, but an important drag on your overall productivity may be after-call work time. Here’s a closer look at what managers need […]