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How Offline and Online Marketing Can Work Together

This infographic shows, the online or offline marketing on how a variety of companies distribute their marketing budgets between offline and online tactics. To learn how different online and offline marketing channel can work together, check out the infographic below from ColourGraphics.  

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How To Engage with Customers Through a Seamless Marketing Experience

From this slideshare you will learn about the evolution of marketing and how it is being driven by technology shifts in Cloud, Social, Mobile, Data Science and the Internet of Things. All of these technology shifts mean the customer experience is more important than ever and, therefore, creating a 360 degree view of your customers […]

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How to do Event Marketing Like a Data-Driven Machine

Most B2B marketers allocate 30% or more of their budgets to events, but many still can’t tack the ROI. Learn how to leverage data to inform marketing decisions and calculate ROI in this infographic. How to do Event Marketing Like a Data-Driven Machine from Oracle Marketing Cloud

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Content Marketing Predictions 2017

In this e-book, you’ll see over 50 predictions from thought leaders who share their views on brand strategy, organizational structure, emerging technology and platforms, and other big developments that may be on the horizon for content marketing. Content Marketing Predictions 2017 from Content Marketing Institute

How Color Impacts Conversion

This infographic from Kissmetrics shows how color affects on the human brain, and offers a few examples of brands that have successfully leveraged color in marketing experiments. Source: How Colors Affect Conversions – Infographic