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Thinking vs Feeling: The Psychology of Advertising

As the average American’s exposure to advertising increases—from social, to TV, to print—how do you make your message stand out? Check out this infographic, “Thinking vs Feeling: The Psychology of Advertising”, from the University of Southern California’s Master of Science in Applied Psychology Online Program. University of Southern California | Master of Science in Applied […]

Focus on Benefits, Not the Tech

When it comes to the final step of a sales process, demonstrating the product, try focusing on what the product can do instead of all if it’s accouterments.

Research Insights: McKinsey on Design-Led Thinking in Business

You walk into Starbucks, and the aroma of coffee beans fills your nostrils. The hustle and bustle of all the professionals making their way from their morning coffee stop to their offices awakens the energy within you. The friendly barista takes your order with ease, and a few minutes later, your name is called. In […]

B2B Content Marketing Trends in 2018

Content marketing’s evolution and impact have been non-stop over the past 5 years. A significant factor for its skyrocketing popularity is its effectiveness and unmatched results regarding helping companies drive meaningful relationships and engage their target audience.