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Visual Content Marketing Lookbook

This Look Book examines 25 remarkable examples of visual content marketing. From inspiring customers to use their products in creative ways (Sherwin-Williams and Kraft) and entertaining us (Kellogg’s Pop Tarts and Pringles) to showcasing product quality in unforgettable ways (Volvo) and helping the public understand key issues (GE), visual content marketing’s uses are limited only […]

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Questions To Ask When Building Your Buyer Persona

Before you can start any effective lead generation campaign, it helps to know who you are targeting. Flip through this slideshare presentation for helpful tips on how to build your buyer personas. Questions To Ask When Building Your Buyer Persona from Inbound Marketing Agents

3 Leadership Lessons from Guy Kawasaki (Slideshow)

Guy Kawasaki, a Silicon-Valley based author, speaker, entrepreneur, and evangelist, shares three leadership lessons in this slideshow by ELIV8. 3 Powerful Leadership Lessons from Guy Kawasaki from ELIV8 Business Strategies

6 Components of Culture (Slideshow)

This slideshow by Culture LabX breaks down the “Culture Code” into 6 components. Company culture is broken down into: purpose, values, behaviors, recognition, rituals, and cues. Culture Code by Culture Labx from Josh Levine