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What Are You Hearing? Your Company’s Secret Customer Satisfaction Weapon

If your only conversations with customers begin and end with market research, you’re missing a critical opportunity to get the real scoop on how your business is performing in the market. Today’s busy customers are unlikely to respond to surveys—with response rates often below 5%—and those who do respond often fall into extremes. However, capturing […]

Satisfied Customer, Missed Opportunity

It happens every day. A customer calls your company with a basic customer service question. Your team quickly and efficiently handles it, ends the call in record time, and sends the customer on his or her way. On one hand, this is a successful call; at scale, it’s the sign of a contact center that’s […]

Why Your Call Center Needs to Implement a Satisfaction Survey

Data provide decision-makers with the context needed to make smart moves with their business. If you’re leading a call center, a number of different metrics can help you quickly dial into productivity: hold times, throughput, and whether customers have to call back. Yet through a different perspective, it’s helpful to look at customer feedback on […]