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How to Manage Customer Service on Social Media

Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are no longer confined to the world of marketing and advertising; rather, they have emerged as a platform where consumers can solicit and receive customer service. In fact, 90% of consumers admit to using social media to communicate with brands, with 34.5% preferring to communicate via social […]

5 E-Mail Messages That Reduce Customer Service Requests

Could sending an e-mail help reduce the customer service requests your company receives? One way to lessen the burden on your customer service team is by sending targeted e-mails. What information do customers need most, and how can you use e-mail to strategically get that to them while limiting calls to customer service? Here are […]

Should Your Call Center Implement Video-Based Support?

As customers increasingly demand online support options, companies are looking at e-mail and text-based chat to provide maximum flexibility to customers. Yet, a desire on the part of many customers for a more human touch has led brands to evaluate whether or not video chat is a viable model for their customer support. Using software, […]

Delivering Satisfaction with Online-Only Support Options

For many digital businesses, their website is the front line of contact for any customer queries. As a result, these companies may focus on offering digital-only customer service options: e-mail, chat, and video support. For businesses operating with online-only support options, it’s important to be focused on the right factors to ensure customers are satisfied […]

Is It Time to Add Online Support to Your Customer Service Options?

In Mary Meeker’s long-awaited tech trends roundup, she noted that 60% of customers were anxiously awaiting easier access to online customer support options. For brands seeking strategies to better meet customer needs, exploring online customer support options can open new channels to solving challenges, delighting customers, and building lifelong relationships. Here are three digital-friendly options […]