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5 Lessons in Outstanding Customer Service from Hospitality Pros

Few industries are as intricately dependent on customer service as the hospitality industry. With a new customer in each room nearly every night and a range of demands and preferences, hospitality customer service reps become experts in delivering a great experience with what they have on hand. Here are five lessons you can learn from […]

You Have My Full Attention: Ensuring Your Customers Feel Heard

A CEO I work with mentioned that during a recent customer service call, the representative—who was helping process a business purchase worth several thousand dollars—seemed distracted. Midway through, he heard laughter in the background and could hear the rep trying not to join in. Frustrated, he ended the call. The sales manager later called him […]

Three Questions to Ask Every Customer

Learning from your customers is an essential step in the process of creating lifelong fans. Here are a few questions to ask that will ensure you’re delivering the highest standard of customer care.

Bad Customer Service Story Goes Viral: Here’s How to Handle It

In today’s connected environment, unhappy customers take to social media, blogs, mainstream press outlets, and more to blast companies that fail to meet their expectations. A truly bad experience can capture leading headlines and drive the news cycle for days. In many ways, it’s possible to completely undo years of a carefully established brand’s trust […]