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Why You Should Hire Hospitality Workers for Customer Support

2020 has been a year of massive change for every business. Some industries and segments are surging, while some are almost at a standstill. Some organizations desperately need new employees, and some have been forced to release talent into a labor market that’s suddenly flooded with qualified candidates anxious for stable income.


Agents Face New Challenges Amid Pandemic

In a previous article, we reported on Shep Hyken’s opening keynote at our virtual roundtable event Customer Contact Now. At this event, customer contact leaders, vendors, and experts came together to discuss the state of customer support and how leaders can help their agents succeed.


COVID-19 Has Forced Caller Habits to Change Due to Lockdown

The unprecedented impact of the coronavirus pandemic is something enterprises and businesses around the world could never have predicted. With the United States locking down in March, companies had to resort to new ways of working.