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Are Your Managers Trained for an Escalation Scenario?

There are two key functions of managers in the call center: One is keeping operations running smoothly day to day, and the other is addressing issues that arise that can’t be resolved by interactions with a standard customer service agent. It’s important that executives ask: Are your managers sufficiently trained for an escalation scenario? Here […]

4 Questions to Ask When Hiring Contact Center Agents

Hiring contact center agents is one of the most important recruiting initiatives for your company. They’re often your first line of interaction with customers, and their demeanor and decision-making can reinforce or cost you critical customer relationships. Beyond evaluating résumés and past professional experience, the interview for contact center agents is absolutely critical. Here are […]

Is the Customer Always Right?

The idea that the customer is always right is one of the cornerstone ideas of the American commercial system. In many ways, it drives both consumer expectations and the way businesses respond to complaints. However, companies have increasingly been reevaluating this perspective. Updating your company’s customer service policy to reflect a different position can impact […]

Does Your Company Mission Statement Empower Customer Service?

In a recent discussion with an executive from American Express, I was delighted to learn that customer service is one of the company’s core values. In fact, it’s encapsulated in its mission statement: “We have a mission to be the world’s most respected service brand. To do this, we have established a culture that supports […]

How to Cool Down Angry Customers

No matter how great your customer service may be, chances are you’ll eventually encounter an angry customer. But how can you talk angry customers off the ledge without losing their business?

4 Tips for Contact Center Agents Handling Difficult Calls

Angry customer service calls aren’t good for your brand, but they’re not good for your employees either. Providing the right support for contact center agents can help ensure your customers are having a positive experience, even when they are frustrated or having issues with your brand. Here are four tips to make it easier for […]

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3 Lessons in Effective Customer Service—From Your Dog

I recently had the opportunity to attend a private meeting with the heads of call centers from several Fortune 500 companies. Whether these organizations were in technology or health care, there was a common theme: Customer expectations are on the rise, and your frontline command center is often your call center.