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5 Ways to Train Seasonal Customer Service Staff

With the holidays rapidly approaching, many companies are staffing up their call centers to handle the bump in customer service calls. Whether they’re answering phones or chatting with customers online, seasonal help closes the gap for your overworked team and keeps customer wait times to a minimum. How can you train seasonal customer service staff […]

5 Ways Customer Service Managers Stay in Touch with Their Teams

Are you fully in touch with what your customer service team is doing on a daily basis? If you’re answering less than a full “yes” to this, it’s time to make it a priority. Contact center managers can get busy resolving customer issues, staying on top of paperwork, and more. Yet, if you’re not dialed […]

How to Define Your Dream Client

When marketing your business, it’s important to simultaneously have a wide appeal and a dream client in mind. Here’s how to figure out just who that is.