Are You Ready for the Content Talent Crunch?

by Liz Alton In a recent piece for the Content Marketing Institute, NextView’s vice president of Platform, Jay Acunzo suggests that it’s time to change the way that we hire, nurture, and train our content marketing talent. He notes a content marketing talent crunch that’s evident as he tries to source expert hires for start-ups […]

Close Your Next Deal with Sales Technology

by Liz Alton Yesterday’s Advisor looked at the latest sales enablement technologies to help companies with their prospecting needs. Today we’re looking at sales technology that makes it easier to follow up and close the deal.

7 Types of High-ROI B2B Sales Technology

by Liz Alton The evolution of sales technology is changing the way that B2B sales teams prospect, manage customer information, and close deals. Investing in the right technology helps your sales reps scale their outreach, eliminate unnecessary administrative tasks, and improve the customer experience.

5 Tips for Recruiting Salespeople on LinkedIn

By Claire Swinarski Finding experienced salespeople isn’t always easy. There are tons of job seekers and it can be hard to get to know someone through a resume alone. When you’re looking for that perfect combination of personality and results, the search can seem frustrating and overwhelming. But utilizing LinkedIn can make sifting through potential […]

Understanding and Marketing to the Millennial Generation

By Ellen Bryant Lloyd The Millennial generation is currently the largest generation in the US, with a population of over 75 million. They passed the Baby Boomer generation in size in 2015. The 18–34 year olds that make up this demographic have a different approach and attitude towards life than other generations. Because of this, […]

CareerBuilder releases list of hottest jobs for 2016

If finding a new job in 2016 is among your New Year’s resolutions, new research from CareerBuilder could provide some guidance about where to start. In partnership with Economic Modeling Specialists Intl. (EMSI), CareerBuilder compiled a list of the hottest in-demand jobs for 2016.

Are You Too Chicken to Use Social Media?

Job descriptions are ever-changing due to the rise in new technology. With that said, there are now jobs specifically for social media and social networking. While a social media community manager job description hasn’t made it into the Job Descriptions Encyclopedia yet, it’s definitely becoming one of the fastest-trending jobs.

Sales compensation plan design challenges

Is your sales compensation strategy up to the task of keeping your sales team focused, motivated, producing, and engaged? Are you winning all the business you want, or are your pay practices holding you back? What challenges do you face in your current sales compensation plan design? Perhaps your incentive compensation is incentivizing the wrong […]

HR and sales are seen as lagging in analytical skills, new study suggests

Human Resources and sales are seen as lagging in analytical skills when compared with other organization functions, according to a recent study. The global survey, “Conquering Big Data: A Study of Analytical Skills in the Workplace,” was sponsored by American Management Association (AMA), and looked at how prepared organizations are to compete in an age […]

10 principles to make your sales compensation plan effective

Creating an effective sales compensation plan is a key component of a company’s overall compensation administration. The goal is to craft a sales compensation plan that motivates team members to perform strongly. Employers must understand the costs of the plan and how they relate to the ROI of the plan. Here are 10 principles to […]