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How to Stay Authentic Through Automated Customer Service

As more and more of your customer care is automated, how can you remain a real source of service?

Automating your customer service isn’t just a new shiny penny for marketers to chase. It’s a sustainable strategy that will allow you to serve more people with fewer expenses. But serving customers isn’t just about speed or efficiency—it’s about effectiveness. Some business owners may worry that the more of their customer service they automate, the less customers will truly feel the company’s appreciation. If customers aren’t feeling served, they obviously aren’t going to purchase from you anymore. It’s a valid fear. But you can still stay authentic through automated customer service.

Offer a Nonautomated Option

First of all, it’s important to always offer a nonautomated option for customer service. You know those organizations you just can’t get on the phone, no matter how many times you press 0, when you really need to speak to an actual human? Don’t be one of those. If your automated customer service is convenient, most people will utilize it, but there are always going to be cases that require human attention. Make sure you have either a phone number or e-mail address that people can reach out to if they feel they need nonautomated service. Whether it’s someone standing at the ready in Twitter messages or a 24/7 phone line, your customers should be able to reach a person if they need to.

Personalize the Service Experience

Something as small as a personalized e-mail can make a big difference when it comes to customers feeling heard. Take it a step further by not just adding a customer name but also tailoring customers in groups to receive particular e-mails based on past purchases. You can also trigger specific actions, like abandoned cart e-mails or help desk pop-ups, to make sure customers are being served. Chat bots in particular can be incredibly useful for personalization—they’re able to quickly help customers with specific questions and the more they’re used, the smarter they become. Consider implementing a chat bot software and see your service results skyrocket.

Listen to Customers

Lastly, never forget the importance of simply listening to your customers. If your customers aren’t finding your new automated services useful, they will let you know. Take their feedback into consideration and don’t be afraid to switch things up based on what your customers have told you. You want a reputation for having stellar customer service, not for being that brand that’s obsessed with automation and leaves clients in the dust. The only way to understand your reputation is to listen, listen, listen.