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How Artificial Intelligence Is Reshaping Customer Service

Artificial intelligence is reshaping the way many brands approach the customer service experience. Here’s how you can take advantage of this technology.

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As machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) tools help companies make better use of their data, one of the largest impacts is on customer service. From the emergence of new tools to entirely AI-powered customer experiences, there are a number of emerging applications for AI that can help companies reimagine their customer journey. Here are some important applications for AI and customer service—and what they can mean for your brand.

Entirely AI-Powered Experiences

AI is helping brands introduce a whole new class of customer experiences. In many cases, these are powered entirely by AI or machine learning. For example, many brands are now using chat bots for first-line customer service on their websites, and other organizations are creating marketing experiences powered by machine learning that can gather information about what a customer is looking for and tie that information to product recommendations, personalized sales pitches, and more.

Machine Learning Drives Contact Center Efficiency

Machine learning is also pairing with call center management technology to increase customer service teams’ efficiency. Whether machine learning is being used to route calls to the best agent or optimize workflows based on individual customer service representative strengths, having an objective and data-driven perspective can help management make smarter decisions over the long term.

Working in Tandem with Agents to Provide Better Service

Increasingly, the conversation is shifting away from how AI works and is instead looking at how and why it works. For example, these tools can help customer service agents quickly find the resources they need to answer customer concerns by pulling together more complete customer profiles that allow for next-level personalization.

AI is reshaping nearly every facet of business, and nowhere is it more visible than on the front lines of customer service. From new tools that enhance agents’ efficiency to the possibility of designing entirely computer-managed experiences, AI offers a new frontier for delighting customers and winning their business every time.