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Can Machine Learning Improve Your Customer Data?

Customer service data are more important than ever before. Here’s how machine learning can help you get more done.

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In Mary Meeker’s 2019 Internet Trends report, the famous digital trends analyst outlines the importance of having a customer data strategy. In addition, she outlines four key areas that can help brands optimize the impact of their strategy on both customer service and the customer experience. Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) provide a smart solution for delivering what she outlines in her report. Here’s a look at the four areas Meeker suggests businesses must consider for the future.

Improve Personalization

Amazon has fundamentally reshaped digital experiences in many ways. One of the most important is showing how personalization and on-point recommendations are possible at scale. AI can help you turn customer data into personalized experiences. For example, AI-powered customer service tools can offer personalization across brand touch points. Intelligent digital assistants, such as those offered by Oracle, for example, can start a conversation in one format, like Facebook chat, and then pick up later on your website.

Respond to Customer Events at Scale

Today’s customers expect fast and personalized responses—no matter when their issues occur. As Meeker points out, responding to customer events at scale is a priority for brands. AI is helping empower that, by identifying issues before they impact the customer experience and by providing tools that bypass the limitations of traditional business structures. For example, on a busy Black Friday shopping day, buyers can talk with chatbots to get answers to their questions without waiting for more data.

Discover Business Insights

Moving from data to insights is essential to taking meaningful action. But, it’s also one of the hardest aspects of managing data. What patterns are showing up in the data? For example, are customers buying your higher-end products and then leaving the brand? Does it take multiple calls to your company to resolve certain kinds of issues? Machine learning can look for important insights that are hidden in the reams of data, across systems and silos, and look for deeper insights to improve your business.

Manage Data Growth and Eliminate Inefficiencies

Machine learning can also improve your back end processes in meaningful ways. For example, AI tools can monitor where there are inefficiencies in your process and provide alternatives. One tool set I recently explored suggested moving from on-demand reports to automated reporting, and in a satisfaction survey managers reported a major increase in their data-driven performance as a result.

Finding creative ways to leverage machine learning technology can have a significant impact on your customer experience. Expect to see new tools and greater investments in this key strategic area in the year ahead. For customer service leaders willing to take the leap, AI and machine learning could have a considerable impact on your bottom line over the long term.