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5 Ways You Can Use AI to Improve the Customer Experience

Did you know that “60% of retail and e-commerce brands will implement AI” this year? Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to the process of computer systems completing tasks we’d typically expect humans to complete: translations, decision-making, and more. Brands are finding more and more ways to use AI to not only cut costs but also enhance the customer experience. Because AI is always evolving, the number of ways it can be used is going to be endless. Here are five of the top ways AI is being used today.

Source: chombosan / iStock / Getty

  1. Chatbots

Whether you know it or not, you’ve likely communicated with a chatbot that was powered by AI, not a human. These chatbots use specific words or phrases to make relevant recommendations or provide the information users are looking for. This allows customers to quickly get the information or guidance they need. 1-800-Flowers is a great example of a company using this method. Based on cues, like if a customer says he or she needs to send something fast, the bot can recommend the options he or she has that could ship that day.

  1. Personalization

Almost everyone has had an experience where he or she has received recommendations or products personalized to his or her interests. If you log onto Netflix or Hulu, AI is used to compile all the data about what you have watched in the past and then provide personalized recommendations that you are likely to enjoy. This helps customers find what they want quickly, and it makes it exciting for them!

  1. Ordering

Dominos changed the game when it announced its AI-powered chatbot, Dom. Log onto Facebook Messenger, send Dom the word “pizza,” provide your info to Dom, and wait for a fresh, hot Domino’s pizza to show up at your door. While ordering tends to be mostly dominated by human-to-human interaction, this is changing.

  1. Security

Long gone are the days of PIN numbers on your cell phone. Now, it’s all about fingerprint scanning and facial recognition. These are products of AI, and they’re making customers feel more secure about their personal devices.

  1. Fun

If there is one way to enhance the positive feelings customers have toward a brand, it might be through offering fun facial filters, stickers, and captions. Think of Snapchat or Skype. This is a cool way to create positive brand connections.

As you can see, AI is being used in a multitude of ways by countless brands to achieve increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. Not only does AI support the customer experience but also, it usually supports the bottom line. What are some of the greatest examples of AI you’ve seen used by brands?