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4 Ways AI Is Transforming Customer Service

Artificial intelligence (AI) is reshaping every area of business. Here’s how it’s impacting customer service.

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On the surface, it seems like resolving customer complaints demands the human touch. Yet as organizations are adopting more sophisticated AI and machine learning tools, they’re finding significant advantages to using AI to transform their customer service. If you’re wondering how the latest AI innovations can help your team deliver better service, read on. Here’s a closer look at four trends in how AI is transforming customer service.

Managing incoming e-mails: AI-powered tools can help your team better manage incoming e-mails, whether they are using keyword tools for tagging or classifying them for support. By looking at subject headings, scanning for keywords, and utilizing other tools, machine learning can help more efficiently route your e-mails to the right person. Similar tools can also be used to direct calls, video-based requests, and even chat.

AI-powered chatbots: Not every request needs to be handled by an agent. In many cases, your customers are looking for a quick answer or simply to be pointed to a webpage on your site. AI-based chatbots are another way to offer strong support to your customers without tying up your staff. They can be featured on your website, within your products, or on apps for faster resolution. Many companies that rely on chatbots find that a high percentage of their customers’ requests can be resolved without human intervention.

Identifying problems before they impact the customer: Companies are increasingly turning to AI tools to help identify problems before they impact the customer. For example, most e-commerce websites will tell a customer before they place an order that an item is out of stock. By the same token, companies are now leveraging tools that help identify when shipping a package goes awry and contact customers before they are impacted. AI can help companies offer proactive customer service that keeps customers happy and reduces complaints.

Making strategic recommendations to improve workflow: The strength of AI is that it can process vast amounts of data and recognize patterns within that data. By looking for patterns, it can find issues within your operational flow. Whether it’s reducing the amount of time spent waiting, or helping your agents find an answer faster, it’s important to closely evaluate how AI can improve your workflow. With the pattern recognition capability of an AI-based tool, you’re likely to find opportunities to improve performance that you would have otherwise missed.

AI and machine learning can give customer service teams a whole new advantage when it comes to producing outstanding results. Incorporate these tools today to find opportunities for improvement, speed up customer service, and introduce a new level of proactivity to your support model.