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3 Ways Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming Customer Service

Artificial intelligence is a marketing technology that’s allowing you to better serve your audience and increase their confidence in your brand.

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You don’t need to be a Fortune 500 company to include artificial intelligence (AI) in your customer service process. No matter where you are in your business, AI can be a powerful way to serve your customers and make sure they feel confident and appreciated. Here are three ways AI is transforming customer service—take a look, and start brainstorming how you can implement AI into your customer experience in 2020.

Smart Speakers and Voice Technology

Siri, Alexa, and Google Home can be found on the shelves of many of your customers. How can you incorporate your business into smart speakers so that your customers can more easily be served from the comfort of their own home? Making sure your website is enabled for voice technology so that customers can easily search for things or inquire about prices from the couch is going to make a huge difference in your sales. These virtual assistants may have seemed like strange robots a couple of years ago, but now, asking Alexa to find you a pair of shoes from your favorite retailer is second nature to many shoppers.

Chat Bots

Chat bot technology has come a long way. Chat bot software programs are now able to comb through all of the data you have on your customer base, find frequently asked questions, and tailor results to inquiries from customers. It’s essentially like having an extremely smart customer service representative on hand 24/7. The fact that people can get help instantly on their laptop without having to call a phone number or drive into a customer service desk makes things easier for everyone.

Effective Predictions

Lastly, AI allows businesses to more accurately predict their customers’ behavior. If you want to know where customers are clicking, what they’re doing directly before a purchase, and what things they’re likely to purchase together, AI makes all of that possible. By effectively using your website data to create an ideal customer avatar, you’ll be able to predict the buying journey of future customers, allowing you to create content that will widen your audience and lead more people through your sales funnel to an eventual purchase. Also, by knowing issues customers are likely to have, you’re able to assist them quicker. The more you know about your customers, the better you’re able to serve them in a meaningful way and make them feel as if you truly know them and understand their pain points.