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Your Customer Service Department Is Your Front Line in the Next Recession

The financial headlines are abuzz with the threat of a recession. Here’s how to turn customer service into an advantage.

Source: ESB Professional / shutterstock

Another recession is coming—and the media is whipping business owners into a frenzy. It’s scary to contemplate the last recession and how tough times might impact your business. During difficult times, customers are more selective with their spending, and companies need to deliver excellence at every point in their customer experience to compete successfully. Here’s a strategy for turning your customer service team into an advantage.

Evaluate Your Policies

Are your customer service policies customer-friendly? For example, do you accept returns and make follow-up questions a painless process? Do you easily honor warranties, money-back guarantees, and replacements? Companies that have strong reputations for customer-focused service come out ahead during difficult times. Customers won’t want to add to their stress by doing business with companies that aren’t focused on their needs. So, making sure your company’s policies—and the ways you enforce them—put customers at the center will help you stand out even in the most challenging market conditions.

Train Your Team

Are your customer service agents friendly and efficient? Having a top-notch team that delivers excellence and warmth in every interaction is an essential part of a winning customer experience. Positive interactions can also help you stand out in a tough environment. Think about it: Customers who are dealing with stressors in other parts of their life appreciate when your team is friendly, kind, and efficient. Focus on upgrading these skills and setting strict standards now to help shore up performance in any market.

Use Technology

Increasing your efficiency in a cost-effective way is an important part of making sure you thrive during difficult times. Could technology help you develop a better strategy for helping customers track their purchases or offer proactive communication around key customer-experience moments? Automation, technology, and self-service portals add another dimension to offering customers what they want in any economic climate. Investing in the right technology can make it possible for you to deliver what customers need, even when they’re struggling with issues beyond your control.

Your customer service team—from the flexibility and efficiency of delivery options to how individual agents perform—is a major differentiator in any market. But strong customer service can ensure your brand thrives in an economic downturn.